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The Best Stucco Contractor in Clark County. 

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Our stucco contractor team offers a fresh look at the potential of stucco in a new age, all while maintaining an understanding of stucco traditions. Stucco Repair Las Vegas offers best-in-class craftsmanship and customer service is one of  our main priorities. We leave the job site with an amazing finish to any residential or commercial project. Our team of stucco contractor professionals guarantees you can rest easy knowing your project will be completed quickly and effectively.

We provide customers with nothing but the best in commercial and residential stucco repairs, stucco painting and EIFS synthetic stucco. 

Just like you, we want your property to look great. That’s why we hire professionals, implement only the best methods and stand by our value of providing excellent customer service.

We not only know a thing or two about repairing your home’s siding, but we also have a great deal of knowledge about stucco installation. Did you know that stucco can help your home become fire resistant? Normally, stucco is used to reinforce other popular residential and commercial sidings, such as wood or brick. After applying typically three layers to a home’s current siding, each layer can be protected for up to one hour of heat brought on by a flame. So if a fire begins in a home’s backyard, reaches the siding of that home, and that siding is reinforced with stucco material, does that mean that the home is protected? Long story short, yes.

Whether you need a crack or chip repaired, or you’re remodeling and need a full, new application, Stucco Repair Las Vegas does it all. We’ll help your dreams become a reality. We’re motivated by your satisfaction with our completed project. 

Stucco Repair Las Vegas will work to ensure your home or business is a structure you’re proud to call your own.

Stucco installation done right. For more on what we’re doing and regular updates, click here

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